This website was started by a single ex-Adventist, me. I deconvertered in my head when I was 17 years old. To read my deconversion story, please click here. While I deconvertered in my head, I was terrified to leave the church, because I was afraid of losing my family. Here is my deconversion story.

Eventually, the pressure of pretending to be a Seventh Day Adventist was too much, and I began to crack. At this stage, I started to take steps to leave the church. I was terrified, for two reasons. Firstly, I was terrified that I would be caught. Secondly, I was terrified of the day that I was eventually going to have to leave. My experiences and the steps I have taken have given me a lot of useful advice to people looking to leave the church, and I share some of this in articles such as how to break the Sabbath, and my different guides o how to exit the church.

Throughout my experiences, I tried to find support groups and I tried to find people to talk to online. I wanted to find people that had experienced what I had. I found people; but they were scattered through many forums and there was very little collective information on life as an Adventist dissenter. There were only a few websites dedicated to helping ex-Adventists, but these were directed purely towards the theological beliefs and the websites were trying to convince me to join their denomination/faith. As a non-Christian, I found this very frustrating. I searched for as much as I could, frustrated at how little support and help there was out there. I took whatever scraps I could find.

Yet while I successfully deconvertered (and managed to keep my sanity in the process) that does not mean it is always easy. It has gotten better with time, but bad days happen that can bring it all back. In those days I continued to search for help and I found none. I felt alone for a long time – until I recently began to meet Adventists who were having negative experiences in the church. This rocked me to my core; I could not help but think; “it was so hard for me to leave… I cannot imagine you ever leaving”. It distressed me that because they had been immersed in the exclusive SDA culture that they were not socially fit to join “The World”, and thus would probably never be able leave.

It inspired me then to be a voice to these people. When I left, I created my exit strategy – and I stuck to it. But not everyone is capable of doing this, and without help, they will never leave. This website then is dedicated to serving those ex-Adventists. It provides guides and real advice on how to leave, and to leave without becoming depressed and lonely. It also looks into some of the darker sides of the church, and raises important questions. It does so not to be spiteful; but because these aspects of SDA culture hurt, and they deserve to be talked about and recognised. This website is not about discussing SDA theology; I have no interest in convincing SDA’s to leave the church and to give up their beliefs. This website is not here to deconvert Seventh Day Adventists, it is here to help those that already have left in their hearts and minds.