Social Thoughts & Analysis

Why Seventh Day Adventists Don’t Like “The World”

When you leave the Seventh Day Adventist church, you will now become part of “The World”. To people leaving, I don’t need to explain to you why this is bad. It is hard to put into words, and you know/understand anyway. That is probably why you are […]

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Losing Family/Friends When Leaving SDA Church

On this website, you may have noticed that I keep assuming that you will be losing your friends/loved ones that are Seventh Day Adventists – at least for awhile. Is this true? Will you really? It all depends on your situation. To help you figure out how […]

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How to Make Friends Outside the SDA Church (It Matters)

SDA’s are an exclusive bunch. The reason they are exclusive, is because they have incentives to associate only with Adventists, and incentives to avoid associating with non-Adventists. Even worse, sect groups avoid associating with non-Adventists altogether, not just because it is awkward but because they flat-out don’t […]

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